2018 | Bloom |Gallery 2 M16artspace | 18 October - 4 November 2018

Jodie Cunningham.jpg

In the exhibition ‘Bloom’ artist Jodie Cunningham exhibits a body of works on paper that use the languages of geometric abstraction, colour and symbolism. They journal her experiences of conflict, anxiety and heartbreak; and the joys of connection, love, and gratitude. Like an alchemist she transforms the energy of complex and sometimes negative emotions into vibrating, ‘blooming’ compositions.

The process Cunningham has used to create these images has been developed in the context of her busy life as a single mother and educator. In the rare moments she has to herself, during the early hours of the morning when sleep evades her, she creates images as a way of processing emotions and thoughts.

On a daily basis she immerses herself in colour, shape and pattern in an almost therapeutic meditation – resulting in an eclectic collection of image ‘seeds’. Selected images are further developed and refined, then printed in archival inks on gorgeous cotton rag paper.