2017 | New Frontiers - Homage to the Shine Dome | Design Canberra Festival 

The sculpture ‘New Frontiers - Homage to the Shine Dome ’ references the Shine Dome architecture  and the  mission of the Academy of Science. It is inspired by the Mid Century Modernist design of  the building and its water moat. It  pays homage to the spirit of inquiry of the Academy of Science and modernist idea of progress- the belief that science will propel us to flourish in the future. The 2D relief sculpture is reminiscent of a  rocket  from  the 1960’s futuristic animation, the Jenson’s; taking us into the new world, encapsulating a time of optimism about the future and a belief in the power of scientific inquiry. By reinventing it in a contemporary context I hope to draw parallels between the 50’s era of optimism  and the critical need for continued support of scientific research  as essential in dealing with the contemporary issues of climate change and sustainability. While  the ‘new frontiers for of the 50’s was space, the new frontiers of  our time is  the environmental crisis we currently face.


'New Frontiers - Homage to the Shine Dome’  was exhibited as part of the exhibition SHINE DOME: REIMAGINED: 12 - 26  November 2017,  Eastspace

Shine Dome: reimagined is a signature DESIGN Canberra exhibition inspired by the spirit of Modernism – a celebration of the creativity and experimentation for which Canberra’s mid-century architecture is acclaimed. Contemporary craft artists and designers were invited to interpret Roy Grounds’ iconic Academy of Science, also known as the Shine Dome or Martian embassy. Featuring work by: Michael Ashley, Julie Bradley, Zoe Brand, Jodie Cunningham, Sophia Dounoukos, Elizabeth Faul, Sue Hewat, Ruth Hingston, Maret Kalmar, Mary Kayser, Rene Linssen, Jenny Manning, Patricia Parker, Dr Fanke Peng and Cuiyu Yang, Narelle Phillips + Harriet Schwarzrock, Jing Shen, Sophi Suttor, Annie Trevillian, and Daniel Trevino Quiroz,  Jennifer Trimble and Peter Quinn.