My donation for a great event - CCAS's Annual Fundraiser 'Quickdraw'- 17 Nov 2017

I just dropped off the work 'Ainslie Deco- Pink'  that I donated to the CCAS's Annual Fundraiser 'Quickdraw'- It looks like it's going to be a great night with fabulous artworks for punters to win!

If you would like to come along this Friday 17 November you can buy a guest ticket for $50  or a winning ticket for $250 go to:

From the CCAS newsletter...

Following from the success of last year’s unique fundraiser, Canberra Contemporary Art Space once again invites you to get involved in the fun. Quick Draw is a novel idea where the punter’s names are drawn from a hat and randomly matched with an artwork. There is a small gamble involved, as the price of a ticket buys a work, but no one knows what they will receive until their name is drawn!

This year you have the opportunity to take home an original artwork by some of the Australia's hottest established and emerging artists including: 

Alex Asch, G.W. Bot, Robert Boynes, Mariana del Castillo, Jodie Cunningham, Marie Hagerty, Nicci Haynes, Sanne Koelemij, Waratah Lahy, Rosalind Lemoh, Dan Maginnity, Peter Maloney, Mandy Martin, Katy Mutton, Derek O'Connor, Millan Pintos-Lopez, Dionisia Salas, Erica Seccombe, Bernie Slater, Peter Vandermark, and the list goes on!

All funds raised will go directly to artists exhibiting at Canberra Contemporary Art Space’s Gorman Arts Centre gallery. Artists’ fees have always been a high priority for CCAS, and Quick Draw 2017 will ensure that these fees continue into the future. Comprised by 50 of Canberra's hottest artists in varying stages of their careers, Quick Draw is a fantastic way to get involved and support the Capital's vibrant cotemporary art scene. The event will start at 7pm on Friday 17th of November 2017, and CCAS will provide entertainment and food. However, due to Quick Draw being a fundraising event there will be a cash bar. The 'Winners Ticket'ensures you'll leave with an artwork, however if you'd just like to come for the party a 'Guest Ticket' is also available. Make sure to get in quickly, tickets are limited.


Undercurrent Design Markets | November 24-26 | National Portrait Gallery

I will be having a stall selling my jewellery (recently rebranded as Lime Flamingo Design) at the Undercurrent Design Markets November 24-26, National Portrait Gallery, King Edward Terrace, Parkes. Fri 5-8, Sat & Sun 10-5.

The Undercurrent Design Market showcases an array of contemporary, leading edge Australian-made design treats. Just in time for Christmas, peruse delightful gifts and objects made from a wide range of materials, including ceramics, jewellery, textiles and glass. Avoid the Christmas rush and shop directly with the designers to buy something unique.


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Shine Dome Reimagined: Opening Sunday 12 November at 4pm

Come and  take a closer look at my work at the  exhibition...

SHINE DOME: REIMAGINED: 12 November 2017: 4:00 pm: EastSpace : 44/40 Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600

Shine Dome: reimagined is a signature DESIGN Canberra exhibition inspired by the spirit of Modernism – a celebration of the creativity and experimentation for which Canberra’s mid-century architecture is acclaimed. Contemporary craft artists and designers were invited to interpret Roy Grounds’ iconic Academy of Science, also known as the Shine Dome or Martian embassy.

Featuring work by: Michael Ashley, Julie Bradley, Zoe Brand, Jodie Cunningham, Sophia Dounoukos, Elizabeth Faul, Sue Hewat, Ruth Hingston, Maret Kalmar, Mary Kayser, Rene Linssen, Jenny Manning, Patricia Parker, Dr Fanke Peng and Cuiyu Yang, Narelle Phillips + Harriet Schwarzrock, Jing Shen, Sophi Suttor, Annie Trevillian, and Daniel Trevino Quiroz,  Jennifer Trimble and Peter Quinn.

Cunningham_2017_New FrontiersShineDomeReimagined.jpg

'We Dance Together' Graphic Intervention in Civic Square 1-26 Nov 2017

The artwork ‘We Dance Together’  in Civic Square is a collaborative graphic intervention project created for Design Canberra Festival 2017. It is a large scale public artwork painted with brightly coloured chalk paint in the centre of Civic Square, Canberra.

The work was designed by local artist Jodie Cunningham. Jodie is a Canberra based visual artist and maker of objects and jewellery. She has an MFA, UNSW; BFA with University Medal, ANU and was the recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship for the Visual Arts.

A self confessed chromofile Cunningham has an obsession with colour, circles, pattern, symbolism and the delights of perspex. Her perspex objects are vibrant constructions of colour, that play on the qualities of materiality and light. She uses patterns and symbols sourced from local architecture and domestic spaces that explore the containment of time and memory in the membranes of the home and the architecture of our city.

‘We Dance Together’ was painted by Jodie with Geoff and Pete Filmer from Graffikpaint, and volunteer Project Coordinator Sara Edson.

The artwork is an assemblage of abstracted geometric symbols referencing modernist aesthetics,  Canberra’s  iconic architecture – including the Civic Square precinct; and cultural symbols for community, strength and connectivity. It pays homage to the history of Canberra, in particular Mid Century Modernism and the earlier Art Deco period, drawing on patterns and colours from architectural forms and  interior decor.

The artwork invites viewers into the square through the fountain via ‘stepping stones’ of aqua and lime circles and encourages people to dance on its geometric shapes, celebrating the commonalities that bring us together.