Shine Dome Reimagined: Opening Sunday 12 November at 4pm

Come and  take a closer look at my work at the  exhibition...

SHINE DOME: REIMAGINED: 12 November 2017: 4:00 pm: EastSpace : 44/40 Queen Elizabeth Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600

Shine Dome: reimagined is a signature DESIGN Canberra exhibition inspired by the spirit of Modernism – a celebration of the creativity and experimentation for which Canberra’s mid-century architecture is acclaimed. Contemporary craft artists and designers were invited to interpret Roy Grounds’ iconic Academy of Science, also known as the Shine Dome or Martian embassy.

Featuring work by: Michael Ashley, Julie Bradley, Zoe Brand, Jodie Cunningham, Sophia Dounoukos, Elizabeth Faul, Sue Hewat, Ruth Hingston, Maret Kalmar, Mary Kayser, Rene Linssen, Jenny Manning, Patricia Parker, Dr Fanke Peng and Cuiyu Yang, Narelle Phillips + Harriet Schwarzrock, Jing Shen, Sophi Suttor, Annie Trevillian, and Daniel Trevino Quiroz,  Jennifer Trimble and Peter Quinn.

Cunningham_2017_New FrontiersShineDomeReimagined.jpg